Product Review: Keracare

When I used to relax my hair Keracare was my favourite brand to use. From the shampoo, conditioner, edge control to their essential oil blend I had so many of their products. Since I started my natural hair journey I began researching and experimenting with so many other brands that were aimed at natural type 4 hair. Keracare do have a ‘Natural Textures’ range for us natural girls so I decided to test some out and see if my old favourite brand would work on natural hair as well as it did on my relaxed hair. I picked a few products for my wash day – the Hydrating Detangling shampoo, Intensive Restorative Masque and the Natural Textures Twist and Define Cream



Hydrating Detangling shampoo (sulfate free)

I shampooed my hair using the hydrating detangling shampoo, which I have previously used on relaxed and transitioning hair, as I washed my hair I found that my hair still felt soft throughout. The shampoo didn’t strip all the moisture out and I was able to finger detangle my hair quite easily with this. My hair was still soft and silky after I rinsed the shampoo out. The only issue I had with this was the scent, I love sweet and fruity smelling products and this doesn’t smell nice. It has a Soapy or medicinal scent, but luckily the smell didn’t stay in my hair especially after conditioning and then styling afterwards. I was really happy with this shampoo, it’s definitely something that I will keep using, it remains one of my staple products after so many years!


Intensive Restorative Masque

This masque is a big NO for me! I bought this when I was still transitioning, as it’s for weak and damaged hair, I used it several times but found that it was nowhere near as good as other masques I had tried. This time I used it on my natural hair and again I wasn’t impressed, firstly the consistency is too thin, I had to use a large amount to coat my hair. Generally thick and creamy products are better for my type 4 hair. Secondly the scent isn’t nice and it’s very strong. Lastly my hair didn’t feel soft or silky after rinsing this out so I wouldn’t repurchase this product personally.

Natural Textures Twist and Define Cream

This is the only Natural Textures product that I have tried from Keracare and I would say that I’m still undecided on this one. It’s quite thick in consistency, which I like, and contains sunflower seed oil, castor oil, coconut oil and shea butter. I’ve used this twice now for a twist out and both times my hair has been very frizzy and didn’t have any shine or definition. The first time I thought I hadn’t let it dry enough, but the second time my twists were definitely dry, but I somehow had the same dry, undefined, frizzy results. Maybe it will be third time lucky?


Have you tried any of these products? Did they work for your hair type? Would love to know your experiences


Thailand Adventures

I love going to new countries, experiencing different cultures and foods. I had never been to Asia before and picked Thailand as my first visit to the continent since I had heard so much about it. Plus I love Thai food and my husband has family there that we could go and visit.

Our first stop was Bangkok, where we stayed at the Ramada Plaza Riverside. We spent 2 days exploring the city in 32 degree heat. It was a really hectic start, lots of traffic and so many people. We visited China Town, The Grand Palace, the National museum and a few temples and markets.



From Bangkok we flew to Phuket and spent 4 nights at the Mandarava Resort and Spa, a 5 star resort  near Karon beach which was absolutely amazing. Phuket was the highlight for me, it was so peaceful, amazing sites and the food was even better than I expected. We went on a site seeing tour and  visited Wat Chalong (a temple) and then the Big Buddha.




Another highlight was the day trip to Phi Phi Islands, unfortunately it did rain most of that day but it was still beautiful to see.


The final stop on our Thailand adventure was a 2 hour drive from Phuket to a small town call Khao Lak. We checked into another resort called Moracea Khao Lak Resort. Each place we visited was so different, in Khao Lak it felt like we were in the middle of a jungle with a private beach it was the ideal place to relax after all the site seeing and exploring we had done.