Spain… Adventures in Tenerife

For my birthday this month my husband planned a trip for us to go to Tenerife in Spain. I had only been to Spain once before this, for a family wedding so this was the first time going just for a holiday. I was actually surprised at how nice it was, Spain is a cheaper holiday destination for us in the UK so I always imagined it to be full of British people and low budget hotels! We stayed in the north of the island in an area called Los Realejos, near Puerto de la Cruz.



We visited Playa Maria Jiminez beach, it was my first time going to a black sand beach. The contrast of the black sand and the blue water was so different to the beaches that I’m used to



Lago Martianez is a open air swimming complex in Puerto de la Cruz. It only cost us € 5.50 each to go in and you can spend the whole day there. They have an ample amount of sun loungers, but you do have to pay €2.50 for the umbrellas


Lago Martianez


Overall I really enjoyed my time in Tenerife, the next Spanish island on my list is Fuerteventura!



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